Thursday, May 27, 2010

quick test post

Buna ziua

I am very much looking forward to heading to the Moldovan capital of Chisinau in August!

I will be teaching courses in public law at the Free University of Moldova (ULIM) with both the law faculty and the political science faculty. (Introduction to Law and Poltics in the US and US Constitutional Law as well as a short course on campaigns and elections in the US). I will also be working on a research project about the Moldovan Constitution and its Constitutional Court.

I will leave in about 12 weeks. Right now, I am working on paperwork/logistics to prepare for the trip. This week I had my physical and completed all of the medical clearance paperwork for the State Department. (Last week I was busy with all kinds of tests: eye exam, chest x-ray, blood work, EKG. . . .) My daughter Peggy's medical clearance forms were sent in last week.

I am learning Romanian. At present I am using the Pimsleur language CDs that I borrowed from the library. Drive time = Romanian language CDs. I am on lesson 4 and feeling much more comfortable. In the beginning, it was quite foreign -- sounding a little Italian a little Spanish, even a little Russian ("da" means "yes") -- but not really like anything I've ever heard spoken before. I need to do the exercises with the workbook so that I can learn to recognize the sounds in writing as well as be able to listen and understand.

La revedere for now