Sunday, October 4, 2015

International Exchange -- literally

Mayor Leslie Waters was heading overseas for an assignment in May/June 2015 -- to Prague where she would be meeting with women leaders from the Middle East.

We were so pleased that Mayor Waters was able to visit Chisinau, Moldova as well -- where she gave another presentation about "Empowering Women in Leadership" and to visit the Moldovan Parliament and other sites.

Mayor Waters was so kind to bring some small gifts to Moldova for our dear friend and colleague Larisa Patlis and her family -- and to bring some treats from Moldova back for us! A literal international exchange!

Peggy gives Mayor Water the packages to deliver to Larisa

And she brought back some treats from Moldova! Our favorite Bucuria chocolates -- and some
Маша и Медведь cartoons for Peggy -- THANKS Leslie and Larisa!

We loved hearing stories about Mayor Waters adventures in Moldova!