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ULIM's website featuring Student Research Colloquium

Click this link to see ULIM's article about our USFSP Student Research Symposium at Poynter Library:

USFSP Student Research Colloquium: featuring MOLDOVA

The Poynter Library -- Librarian Extraordinaire Jim Schnur -- is organizing a monthly student research colloquium series at University of South Florida St. Petersburg.
As readers of this blog, you know how proud I am of the students who participated in my Moldova Study Abroad program, Spring Break 2013.

There were many aspects of that course that were unique/special -- the Joint Course with ULIM, that provided meaningful opportunities for my students to interact with students from Moldova; the civic engagement/service learning aspect of the course, that provided an opportunity for students to learn more about social issues and public policy formation in Moldova through the lens of NGOs and civil society, with the opportunity to interact with underserved populations in direct service activities; and, the subject of this blog post: student research!

Students produced significant research papers, presented that research at international conferences, and, yesterday, presented their research on campus at the Poynter Library.

I am thrilled that now they are PUBLISHED authors, having their research published in a Moldovan social science journal. 

I presented the students with their copy of the journals at the event. Thank you again to Rector Galben, Vice Rector Moldovan-Batrinac, Dean Coada, and Professor Patlis at ULIM!

Six of the students worked with me over the summer to revise and re-submit their research papers and to prepare them for publication.

Four of those students were able to present their research at a well-attended colloquium in Poynter Corner, at Poynter Library. From the announcement:

The monthly Student Research Colloquium Series continues on Wednesday, Oct. 16, at noon at the Nelson Poynter Memorial Library with a special focus on Moldova. Students will present research they conducted during a study abroad course this spring (photo above) in the Eastern European country, taught by USFSP Political Science Professor Judithanne Scourfield McLauchlan, Ph.D. The presenters and their topics are: Master of Liberal Arts student Marissa Wyant,"Moldova's Path to Accession to the European Union;" Master of Arts student Lauren Shumate, "Judicial Independence, the Rule of Law, and Human Rights: Assessing Justice Sector Reforms in Serbia and Moldova;" International Affairs undergraduate Jared Smith, "International Law Enforcement and the Prosecution of Human Trafficking in Moldova" and Political Science undergraduate Sebastian Osorio, "Moldova's Cultural Tides: A Case for Nationalism." The event, the second in the Colloquium Series, is free and open to the public. 

Marissa Wyant, Lauren Shumate, Sebastian Osorio, and Jared Smith with their publications!

Jared Smith discusses prosecution of human trafficking in Moldova
Lauren Shumate discusses Rule of Law initiatives in Moldova and in Serbia
Sebastian Osorio discusses identity issues in Moldova
Marissa Wyant discusses prospects for Moldova's accession to the EU

joined by their proud professor!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fulbright Association Conference presentation "Cultivating Global Citizenship in Higher Education:Civic Engagement and Service Learning in Joint Study Abroad Courses"

I had the pleasure of presenting Cultivating Global Citizenship in Higher Education: Civic Engagement and Service Learning in Joint Study Abroad Courses" at the Fulbright Conference in Washington, DC

The Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of the Fulbright Association at the Welcome Reception

The authors developed an alternative Spring Break Study Abroad course to bring University of South Florida (USF) students to Moldova to study with their counterparts at the Free International University of Moldova (ULIM).  The course was a Political Science seminar about the history, government, and politics of Moldova. The authors shared a desire to cultivate “global citizens” and to provide opportunities for their students to work collaboratively.

The course was distinctive in its level of integration of U.S. students with colleagues in Moldova. Students worked together in seminars, class discussion, research collaboration (that included presentations at a conference and publication in a journal) and participated together outside of the classroom in service projects. Students had the opportunity to meet with leaders of NGOs working to strengthen civil society in Moldova. In addition to their time spent in direct service, students learned from agency staff who answered questions about social issues, the formation of social policy, and social justice in Moldova. Students volunteered together at orphanages and at a domestic violence shelter. In addition to working with the students enrolled in the joint course, one service project was implemented with the Lion’s Club Chisinau with students from several other universities in Chisinau as well. 

The authors will use (1) analyses of pre and post surveys, (2) a qualitative review of students’ written assignments (reflection papers, journals, blog entries), and (3) their observations and interactions with students to evaluate the effects of incorporating this international service learning experience in their course.  They will analyze whether and how the knowledge gained through collaborative research and through civic engagement opportunities expanded students’ perspectives on “global citizenship.”
State Department Reception
I was so pleased that Ramsay was able to join me for this reception in the State Department Diplomatic Reception Rooms.

Nashua is in the house! These 2 served on the Board of Aldermen in Nashua, way back when

The Treaty of Paris

State Department Selfie

The Chairman of the Board of the Fulbright Association

An honor to meet Mrs. Fulbright
 There were many interesting panels and presentations throughout the conference.
Congressman Jim Moran, Keynote Speaker, discusses the affect of government shutdown on diplomatic efforts

The Missing Voice -- a male panel addressing gender discrimination

Sheryl Sandberg, speaking about Lean In

I had remarkably productive meetings in the Capitol, despite the government shutdown. Though I must admit that it was surreal walking through the House and Senate office buildings.

I thought this was an ominous photo during the shutdown....

I loved being able to get up early and take walks along the national mall

Good thing I was tied up in meetings/conference all day.....or I would have been sorely disappointed that I missed out on visiting my favorite spots in DC -- like the National Gallery of Art
The First Monday in October

In addition to the conference meetings and presentations, I was also able to squeeze in other work-related meetings while in DC. The highlight was attending oral argument for the First Monday in October. The Supreme Court was open for business during the government shutdown.  Of course, cameras are not allowed in the courtroom, but here are some pictures of exhibits designed by my former colleagues in the Curator's Office:

Chief Justice John Marshall's chair

Chief Justice Taney's robe

Monday, September 23, 2013

Moldova Spring Break Course Student Research Papers Published!

Several of the students in my Moldova Spring Break Study Abroad course worked with me over the summer to revise and resubmit their research papers so that they could be included in a Moldovan social science journal.

The journal is now published!

We are working with our partners at ULIM and USFSP to have the journals shipped from Chisinau to St. Petersburg.

See this article on ULIM's website for more information about the international research conference (my students participated via Skype videoconference back in April) and journal.

article on ULIM website

THANK YOU so very much to our colleague Larisa Patlis for her assistance with the USFSP-ULIM Joint Course, the research conference, and her work editing this journal!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Donations to ULIM Library, Joint Course March 2013

Each of my students packed some of our book donations in their suitcases on our way to Moldova (for our alternative spring break study abroad course).

On the first day of our Joint Course at ULIM, we presented the book donations to the Librarian.  Here is an article that recently appeared about the donations on the Library's website:

ULIM Library website

our book donations on display
The ULIM Librarian looks at the donations

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Nora Bourke's Article about Spring Break in Moldova course

USFSP Sophomore Mass Communications major NORA BOURKE wrote an article about the Alternative Spring Break in Moldova course for MMC 2100 Writing for Mass Media:

Article by

Nora Bourke
            Recent events have caused Judithanne Scourfield McLauchlan to say that having a ‘Group’ on Facebook is a faster way of communication between her and her students in a way that is far better than Blackboard and e-mails. She says she would love to do it with all her other classes one day.
            McLauchlan is using the Facebook ‘Group’ to share pictures and articles about Moldova with her students.The reason why this class is communicating together in this social media form is because this small class is much more personal considering the experience they just had. Over spring break McLauchlan and her students from Comparative Government & Politics: Moldova, CPO 4930, embarked on a trip to the European country of Moldova.
            McLauchlan says that her love for Moldova, besides its landscape and culture, is the kindness of its people who are always excited to see visitors.
 “They don’t have a lot of tourism there in general, even though they’ve got these amazing wineries, fortresses, and monasteries and beautiful scenery, and waterfalls,” says McLauchlan.

            In their itinerary, the select number of students and McLauchlan would attend a seminar at ULIM, Universitatea Libera Internationala din Moldova, every other day in a joint course with Moldovan students. McLauchlan had it arranged so that the students could make friends and develop relationships in the experience.

            Patricia Jaschke, one of McLauchlan’s students, said on their last night in Moldova they spent it taking awhile to say goodbye to their new ULIM friends by reminiscing over the week all together.
            McLauchlan wanted the students to partake in actual civic engagement. Part of their itinerary included civic handout assignments, which were service projects to help the Moldovan community. Such as donating books and toiletries to the Titus Center, a place for underprivileged children. According to the students’ online blogs they got to spend some personal time with the children, playing outside with them.
“It is truly a wonderful feeling to know that we made a difference in a small way,” said USFSP student Lauren Shumate.
            The course will officially wrap up at a symposium video conference, which is going to occur Tuesday, April 23 at 9 a.m. This is to further publicize the trip, while also acknowledging the support of academic affairs.
McLauchlan says the success of this trip is a good stepping stone for USFSP to internalizing the curriculum.
“It’s nice to know that this is the direction that the University would like to head. And I will continue to do everything I can to give students in my classes the opportunity to connect around the world,” McLauchlan said.

Judithanne Scourfield McLauchlan, Ph.D., (727) 873-4956,
Patricia Jaschke,

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Symposia Studentium: Joint Student Research Conference with ULIM

I am very much looking forward to participating in the Symposia Studentium -- ULIM's annual student research conference -- via Skype international videoconference.

Students in my Moldova Study Abroad course will be presenting their research findings, along with their partners at ULIM, on Tuesday, April 23rd.

Click here for the link to the Conference Program

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What is Moldova? video

I just came across this video posted by Moldovan Holiday. Nice testimonials about Moldova:

What is Moldova video

It was filmed at the International Women's Club's annual Holiday Bazaar, which is a wonderful event.  A fundraiser where you can buy beautiful arts and crafts from all over the world. (Each of the Embassies sets up a booth and sells items from their country, donating all proceeds to charity.) Peggy and I have some treasures from the Holiday Bazaar we attended back in in 2010. (Photos are, of course, posted, earlier on this blog)

Monday, March 25, 2013

USF World Video Entry, NAFSA

I am working on my 2012 Annual Review, and I realized that I don't think I ever posted this video on the blog.

USF World featured my Women and the Law course as a part of its feature on global classrooms at USF for its NAFSA video contest entry

It was one of two courses featured.  You can see my collaboration with Prof. Svetlana Suveica at Moldova State University featured at 2:40 on this YouTube video:

USF World Video, NAFSA entry

Friday, March 8, 2013

MD Study Abroad Course: Student Research Paper Topics

CPO 4930 Comparative Government and Politics:  MOLDOVA

Professor Judithanne Scourfield McLauchlan

Spring 2013

Research Paper Topics

Patricia Calvo-Jashke  Moldova’s Political Party System

Erica Gordon              Campaigns and Elections in Moldova

Royale Heart-Oakes    The Role of NGOs in Combatting Human Trafficking in Moldova

Kendel Mott               Gay Rights in Moldova

Sebastian Osorio         Identity in Moldova

Lauren Shumate          Judicial Independence and the Rule of Law: Assessing Justice Sector Reforms in Serbia and Moldova

Jared Smith                 International Law Enforcement and the Prosecution of Human Trafficking in Moldova

Marissa Wyant            Moldova’s Path to Accession to the European Union

Once we begin our Joint Course in Moldova, students will be connected with Moldovan students with whom they will collaborate on their research.


Thursday, February 28, 2013

USFSP International Week Event, Moldovan Exchange!

On Monday morning at 9:00 am, our Moldovan Student Exchange kicked of International Week events at USFSP

We held an international videoconference, linking USF students in my alternative Spring Break Study Abroad Course to Moldova with our colleagues at the Free International University of Moldova (ULIM) in Chisinau. 

USF students made brief presentations about their research projects and met their colleagues at ULIM.

We were pleased to be joined by Dr. Ron Sheehy, USFSP's Vice Rector for International Affairs, Mayor Leslie Waters, and Judge Raymond Gross. We thank them for their support and enthusiasm for our Moldovan exchange.

Thanks for these photos from our USFSP some point I will download/upload pictures from my camera....

Wonderful to see my Drept students from ULIM!

Privet, Andrei!

Sporting our new USFSP ULIM Moldova t-shirts! We will wear these when working on our community service projects in Moldova

ULIM event flyer (4:00 pm)

USFSP flyer (9:00 am)

Reunited with my Drept students....on the big screen...soon, in Chisinau!

Judge Raymond Gross addresses the faculty and students at ULIM

Thanks, Mayor Waters, for joining us -- and for your donations for our community service project!

Go Bulls at ULIM!

USFSP International Week, International Research and Cultural Exchange

I was able to participate briefly in USFSP's 2nd  Annual International Research and Cultural Exchange. (The event conflicted with my US Constitutional Law 2 class....)  Faculty in all Colleges are involved in global research, teaching, and service projects. Here are some pics taken as we were just starting to set up for the event.

with Psychology Professor and event organizer, Vikki Gaskin-Butler

One of my slides for the PPT slideshow during the event

Our "global classroom" with Svetlana Suveica's class at Moldova State University's American Studies Center

The Education Abroad table. Including materials about the fabulous alternative spring break opportunity in Moldova!

It has been great to work with Wendy on the logistics of organizing my Study Abroad course