Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Internationalizarea Curricula Universitare

Dr. Svetlana Suveica published an article about our project (entitled "Internationalaizarea Curricula Universitare") in Moldova's national pedagogical newspaper.

The article describes our project from Fall 2011 semester in which my USF St Petersburg Women and the Law students worked together with her students from Moldova State University American Studies Center in groups conducting research about human trafficking.

Monday, March 19, 2012

European Court of Human Rights, Legal and Constitutional Change in Moldova

Allison Brown, working with me on an Independent Study project this semester, presented our preliminary findings about whether and how decisions of the European Court of Human Rights affect legal change in Moldova.

Florida Political Science Association Annual Meeting
University of Tampa, March 2012

Florida Political Science Association 2012 Annual Meeting: Teaching Roundtable

The Teaching Roundtable at the Florida Political Science Association Annual Meeting (at the University of Tampa, 17 March 2012) provided another opportunity to discuss my collaboration with Dr. Svetlana Suveica and her students at Moldova State University in our "global classroom."

I very much enjoy the exchange of ideas/teaching tips/best practices at the FPSA Teaching Roundtable

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

APSA Conference on Teaching and Learning, Washington, DC February 2012

Dr. Svetlana Suveica and I presented a paper at the American Political Science Association Annual Meeting in Washington, DC in February:

"Creating a Global Classroom: Providing Collaborative Research Opportunities for U.S. and Moldovan Students"

Dr. Suveica joined our session via skype videoconference, adding a truly international dimension to the conference's Internationalizing the Curriculum Track at the Conference on Teaching and Learning.

We received very positive and encouraging feedback on our paper.

In addition to attending all of the sessions of the Internationalizing the Curriculum Track, I also learned a great deal from the workshops that I attended regarding technology in the classroom. I learned new ways to use facebook as a tool for group work, cell phones as a way to get instant poll results, and twitter and blogs to engage students outside of class.