Saturday, July 28, 2012

Meetings at ULIM

My colleague Larisa Patlis and I returned to ULIM for additional meetings with the Vice Rector and with the Rector about logistics for my Study Abroad course and other matters.

I am so grateful that my Fulbright placement at ULIM was rewarding at the time -- and that we have been able to work on projects together since -- and that we have more collaborative projects planned into the future!

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While we were in the hallway waiting to speak to the Rector, the song that was played for our wedding dance came over the loud speakers.  I don't think I have heard that song (a tango!) since our wedding day 11 years ago.

QSI Summer Camp

While I am working on my research project, Peggy is having fun at summer camp at QSI.  This is the international school where Peggy started Kindergarten in 2005.  I was so pleased that Peggy had a great place to play and learn while I was working.

Normally she takes a taxi to/from school, but we picked her up on Wednesday to take her out to Telenesti for her community service project with the Peace Corps Volunteers there.  More will follow about that project, but, she changed into her soccer outfit so she'd be ready.

When I arrived to pick her up, she was playing in her old classroom!  It is no longer the Blue Room; it is the White Room.
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La Strada

Those of you following this blog know that in the Fall 2011 semester I partnered with my colleague Dr. Svetlana Suveica at the American Studies Center at Moldova State University. Our students worked together on joint research projects about human trafficking in the US and Moldova.

It was a pleasure to meet our colleague and expert from the NGO LaStrada who assisted our students with their projects. 

We presented her with a copy of the book that we published that includes the students' research papers and powerpoint presentations -- as well as materials from La Strada.

We discussed ideas for meetings/programming with La Strada when I return to Moldova with my students enrolled in my Study Abroad course in Spring 2013.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Curtea Suprema de Justitie a Republicii Moldova

I had the honor of interviewing the President of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Republic of Molodva, Presedinte Mihai Poalelungi, for my research project.

Presedinte Poalelungi previously served as a Judge on the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, and he returned to Moldova before his term expired to work on judicial reform efforts here. 

I am grateful to my colleague, Dr. Svetlana Suveica, for assisting as my Translator for this interview.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Around Chisinau

I can't get enough of the shopska salad or the zeama!

Robert's Coffee! This was the coffee shop across from our old apartment. It has now moved to a new location. Carmel lattes are just as tasty! And an added bonus: free wifi and a non-smoking section.

We decided to try the restaurant that is in our apartment block. Peggy loved the pelmeni!

The pelmeni!  A Russian ravioli -- pasta filled with meat.  Served not with a marinara sauce but with sour cream. Delicious! Our friend Larisa will teach us how to make pelmeni. We can't wait!
At Mall-Dova there is a fun center. We played some games while we were waiting for our movie.

The Flower Market!

We went back for more pelmeni

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Cave Monasteries in Tipova

On Sunday afternoon we explored the cave monasteries of Tipova with our friends Larisa and Dima.

Tipova is the largest cave monastery in Moldova, and one of the largest Orthodox cave monasteries in Eastern Europe.

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The Nistru River

My friend Larisa baked this traditional Gagauz dish for our picnic. Delicious!

Shells in the floor