Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Skype Videoconference with ULIM to Discuss Judithanne for Florida Senate District 22

What a treat to collaborate with my dear colleague, Larisa Patlis and to speak to the students at ULIM about American politics and government -- and my campaign for State Senate District 22!

Most in this group of Political Scientists were first year students. I hope that some will participate in our next USFSP-ULIM Joint Course!

Our book donations (that my students brought over when we participated in the USFSP - ULIM Joint Course) on display in the ULIM Library. Wonderful to see that the donations are being put to good use by the bright students at ULIM.

Dna Patlis organizing our videoconference. What a treat to see our dear colleague!

These are a group of First Year students. If all goes well, some of these students will participate in the next USFSP - ULIM Joint course in Chisinau!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Videoconference with ULIM Faculty and Students to Discuss my Campaign for Florida Senate

I am looking forward to being reunited with my friends and colleagues at ULIM tomorrow to discuss my candidacy for Florida State Senate.

It is hard to believe it has almost been a year since our USFSP - ULIM Joint Study Abroad course!

Here is the announcement from the ULIM website:,-sua,-dna-judithanne-scourfield-mclauchlan

Videoconferință cu candidatul la funcția de Senator al Statului Florida, Dna Judithanne Scourfield McLauchlan

Marți, 4 februarie, 2014, Sala Polivalentă de Lectură nr. 2, bloc 1, etajul 6, va avea loc lecția prin videoconferință cu candidatul la funcția de Senator al Statului Florida, SUA, Dna Judithanne Scourfield McLauchlan.
Evenimentul va avea loc în contextul alegerilor senatorilor Statului Florida, SUA și este organizat de către Dna Judithanne Scourfield McLauchlan în cooperare cu Facultatea de Istorie și Relații Internaționale, Centrul pentru Cooperare Internațională și DIB ULIM.
Mai multe detalii despre activitatea Doamnei Judithanne Scourfield McLauchlan, vedeți accesând următoarele linkuri:,
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