Friday, January 23, 2015

Meeting with a Delegation of Ukrainian Political Leaders

I was delighted to welcome a delegation of women political leaders from Ukraine (June 2013) and speak with them about integrating civic engagement in the curriculum in higher education.

The delegation of Ukrainian women political leaders was hosted by Friendship Force of the Florida Suncoast in June 2013.

Students from my Moldova Study Abroad course (Spring 2013) were able to join the discussion as well. (We did not travel to Ukraine - but when we visited the medieval fortress in Soroca, along the Nistru River, we had lovely views of Ukraine.)

Special thanks to my colleague from ULIM, Larisa Patlis, who translated my powerpoint presentation into Russian. (There was a translator who simultaneously translated my presentation into Ukrainian, but it was helpful for the delegates, who also read Russian, to have the powerpoint more accessible.)

with the political leaders from Ukraine

Our presentations were simultaneously translated

My students from the Moldova Study Abroad class and the delegates from Ukraine

The luncheon portion allowed us to get to know each other.

I was delighted that my colleague from ULIM, Larisa Patlis, was able to join us, via videoconference, from Moldova

We also enjoyed hearing from the Ukrainian delegates more about the regions they were elected to represent.

Here is the article posted on the Friendship Force website:

Photo with Ukrainian Delegation, Friendship Force