Tuesday, July 12, 2016

European Society of Comparative Legal History: Gdynia, and meeting Justice Ewa Letowska

Day 3 of the European Society for Comparative Legal History Conference was held in the town of Gdynia, on the Baltic Sea, at the Pomeranian Park of Science and Technology.

I particularly enjoyed the panel on "Marriage in Different Cultures" and the "Jurists Debate" featuring Prof. Ewa Letowska, former Justice of the Polish Supreme Administrative Court and the Polish Constitutional Tribunal and Justice Jerzy Stepien, former President of the Polish Constitutional Tribunal.

This day was followed by dinner at the Vinegre Restaurant, from which we could see the sun set over the Baltic Sea.

the panel on Marriage in Different Cultures, speaking is Prof. Miso Dokmanovic re: the Transformation of Marriage in Post-World War II Macedonia

the Jurists Debate

with Justice Ewa Letowska

I was so excited to see the Sea

for those of us who took the stairs to the restaurant, we got to walk through the Maritime Museum

the view from the Vinegre restaurant...lovely sunset

met Prof. Joshua Tate from SMU Law School...we talked about the Pre-Law Program at USFSP and opportunities for cooperation -- and he is coming to speak at USF in the fall re history of jury system -- so my students will have the opportunity to meet him and to learn more about SMU in a few months

when I returned to my hotel room, after midnight, I turned on CNN for the latest  news, to see my old friend Guy Cecil on the TV here in Poland!

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